Expression and Creativity is an essential Human Element and rite. Language is as old as humanity itself; moreover, all of Creation was established by language. The Written Word is our most sophisticated means of recording our own history, culture, and validation of our own ability to express and create. Moreover, the written word in some parts of humanity is also ART. Not only Cuneiform or Latin or Greek, but Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Mayan, Hebrew, and Asian Character writing is even more visually appealing. But even the most ancient of writing is a visual medium. Within that thought, we must also embrace art and expression through art. We must be wary of creating images of our Creator or images in which we worship. But expression is our right and responsibility. As a writer, artist, and mostly a poet, I embrace that right and privilege.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Early Morning Overflow!

There was some editing afterwords to make it more coherent, but this note was taken at 3AM during a time of sleeplessness.  Sometimes I wake in the night with an overflow of what is on my mind.
The profound impact that Constantinopolitan Creeds, Nicene Creeds, and Augustinian "Christology" had on western faith was beyond tragic.  Others too had huge impact on our totally ruined faith: Justin Martyr, & other converted philosophers of the Socrates school twisted and added to the scriptures almost as much as the Judaizers following Paul and his merry band of men and women workers, all of whom were carrying the entire world on their shoulders.  Also Origen and the Alexandrian impact twisted some of the Greek NT’s and set precedence.  God says that true religion is to meet the needs of widows and orphans in their distress and to not allow the world to influence you!  There are a slew of early Christian fathers who were so incredibly tainted by this world that it is ridiculous!!!  Many of them--whose views we keep today considered Socrates a Man-of-God...a saint even.  These men developed the confusion between the paradisiacal Hades and eternal life with God the Father and the lake of fire in Hades and eternal destruction/the second death after judgment.  Also...some of our greatest reformers of whom had pulled us out of the dark ages and whom also brought us the bible, also brought some of the most fictitious and fantastic ideas of Christianity that we still have to date. At this time in my life-20years ago-I was going to start a Christian’s movement that was going to bring God the world.  The wisest of the wise started training me for that wish ever since!  What my training has taught me is that the world doesn't need another reformer or just needs to start reading the bible again.

In the past century we have had men like Robert Schuller, Oral Roberts, and Billy Graham to lead us and millions of people, with all their love and sweat, into countless false conversions!  They have done more harm to the souls of millions than any mid millennial reformer did!  They have lead astray many very high profile TV evangelists astray all because of a hope of the spiritual quick fix.  The quick need to not be tortured forever and the fear of a wrathful OT God preached for and about by slippery spiritual snake-oil salesmen offering up the devils greatest gift to his self—the sinners prayer.  There are those that shake their heads at that kind of talk and don't want me to write about it because according to them it is destroying people’s faith and casting aspersions by reinforcing works oriented preaching.  I hope in Christ's name that I am! I hope that many high potential people out there can open their eyes to their entire false long term relationship with God, the same way Apollos did...with an open heart.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Westboro Baptist Church Report

The Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka KS is, in my opinion as a twenty year old Christian who has studied and lived the bible that whole time; partaken in several different churches; studied dogmatics and theology and church history as well as the writings of the early Christians; who has studied the bible for conversion with hundreds of people, in my opinion is a full on satanic cult.  I don’t say this lightly.  I have spent hours reading their position, watching their videos, and studying their doctrine.  I approached with the attitude, which I usually do, is that I may well be wrong in my understanding, and perhaps they have the right approach.  I have always been attracted to churches that live out their convictions and have a strong doctrine.  I have learned long ago not to trust the common consensus in Christian doctrine, simply because of the teachings of Jesus and the warnings he gives concerning the “few” that will make it, and the “narrow” path.  In that, I feel that I gave an absolute chance for this church to win me over. 
            Now, I will confess, if you spend hours burying yourself in the videos and documentation they offer, you really start to think that God is a god of Hate.  I mean, it starts to make sense if you just ingratiate yourself.  But, then when I started to really think about it, I realized that this church, whose website is combative and spiteful, whose website is all what I call, “Piss and Vinegar”—it is bitter religious demagoguery that has possessed a large group of young people.  The leader of this group is “Pastor” Fred Phelps.  A website for them is of which you can read, or listen to, or watch their hate speech.  It is hate speech, and they are the first to admit it.  They teach that God hates everybody and they revel in it.  They are happy that God hates people.  Anyone who goes to their website is considered a God hated abomination.  They automatically assume that you are a sinner and that God hates you.  According to them, God hates period.  They assume that God is filled with hate.  They are grateful that people go to hell.  It brings them joy to know that the God of the Universe is filled with hate and pleasures in condemning people. 
            On the surface, it seems as though that they are just flat out wrong.  We look at phrases like “Fags Doom Nations”, “God hates America”, and “Your Pastor is a whore”, and think that these people are not only out of their mind, they are lost and doomed themselves.  We assume that God isn’t hateful—we assume that God is all loving and there is not an ounce of hate in Him.  Well, they do find tons of scripture to defend their POV, but mostly, they rely on the teachings of the man John Calvin and his understanding of scripture (even though they do a great job of perverting his teachings).  They believe in predestination doctrine which according to them, if you are alive, and not a Christian, then you were made to be destroyed.  Your life is forfeit for God’s sake and he hates you and wants you dead.  Predestination is a flawed concept that is well thought out, but not a concept or doctrine lead by the Holy Spirit, neither is a hateful God.  If you base your whole concept on a Calvinistic doctrine, that people are predestined to be destroyed and hated by God, then your doctrine is not led by the Spirit.  In the same way, any doctrine that is incomplete, like the Hate Doctrine, or the Predestination Doctrine doesn’t take the whole bible into consideration.  In John 8 it states that the only way to know the truth is obedience (John 8:31-32).  Simple belief isn’t enough.  Having the Holy Spirit in you wakens your understanding of what it is saying through scripture.  Too often scripture is taken out of context.  The entire “Billy Graham” mindset is not lead by the spirit.  In fact, the Hate Doctrine and modern “sinner’s prayer” doctrine come from the same place=Calvinism.  We start to believe, and it’s ingrained in the modern churches pardigm, that someone is or is not meant to be a Christian.  There is no doubt that God knew beforehand who would and who would not become a Christian, and in that, he sent Jesus to die for those people who chose to Love God.  Because He knew who would love Him and choose Him, he called them to Him.  He chooses who does and who does not become a Christian, and as the Creator, He has the full right to say who does and who doesn’t become “saved”.  So yes, in that, it is God who chooses who becomes a Christian.  However, that view is incomplete.  God opens up the hearts of those who chose to love Him.  God loves those who love Him.  He is also a God of love and Justice.  It would be unjust to create people in order t condemn them.  God will use somebody who hates Him to glorify Himself…but we can’t be humanistic and dictate to God what will happen to whom.   We can’t assume that we will outsmart God and know better than Him.  We think that if it doesn’t make sense to us, then obviously God is in error.  No!  That is not the case at all.  Here is the deal—God, who made mankind, can see the whole of existence as one entirety.  He is beyond space and time.  He can see time progress, and he can see reverse time progress simultaneously.  In any point in history, God can see all the way to the end of existence, and the very beginning of existence.  And, as it happens, Jesus IS.  Period.  Jesus IS the beginning and he IS the end.  He is the Alpha and Omega, the A and Z.  All things were made for him, in him, and because of him.  He is the ALL in ALL. When Moses asked God what name he should use to explain to the Egyptians, God simply answered, “I AM”.  That is God, he simply IS.  AND, he made, makes, and will continue to make everything that exists.  What I mean by that is that God, in Creation, happens at the same time that His rest happens (and according to scripture, we are still in that resting period…technically we are still in the seventh day of creation), and the same time that the Battle of Megiddo happens (Armageddon!)  which brings about the destruction of the Earth as we know it, and bringing on the New Age of Incorruptible Man in perfect union with God through Christ.  Creation as we know it is in birthing pains and awaits the full maturity of the Bride, the Church, the People of God to unite with the Christ, the Husband, the Head of the Church.  Okay, that being said, we obviously have a weak understanding of the cosmic consequences that are pending in our ability to convert, and lead others into conversion.  Well, since God sees the beginning, and the whole caboodle, then he knows that when he creates the Church to marry Him, he knows that in order for that relationship to be pure, it has to be a relationship of Choice (as in any marriage).  We know this because he has given us the ability to understand it through scripture and in our basic construct socially and our own inner desires to marry and commit to someone.  So, He does know that there will be people who love Him.  He knows that there will be people who will choose to love Him and want to be with Him and glorify Him and desire Him and yearn to be with Him always and forever (Thank you Christ my beloved).  He doesn’t make that decision for them…no, no, no!  He doesn’t strip our will from us.  He can see ahead of time that there will be people who want Him, no doubt, but He doesn’t/didn’t/won’t make that decision for us.  We make that decision.  Well, just because he has foreknowledge, doesn’t mean He is going to force us to do it.  That is simply not in scripture.  He organizes all things to His good.  He DOES set our paths in our decision to love Him.  He has foreknowledge of our love for him, and he knows that because we have the right to choose, he would have to send Jesus for us to accommodate that choice.
            You see, God is restricted by His own promises and statements.  Jesus himself treated the OT like the very words of God himself.  Jesus believed in Jonah and the whale, he believed in Moses, Sodom and Gomorrah, Moses, the Psalms/Proverbs/Songs/Job/Ecclesiatics, the major and minor prophets, and so forth.  He quotes the OT constantly and so do the Apostles.  God doesn’t break his promises, so when he cursed Adam, then he had to stick to that curse, so that is why He has to come in the flesh, live a perfect life, and then die under punishment…it broke that curse.  Well, as Christians, we know this, but there are many other promises and prophecies.  Also, it is good to read the scripture without the chapter/verse system, which usually opens up the scriptures like an open book.  As long we have been given the choice, then we can and will be held accountable for our transgressions.  With out free will, condemnation makes no sense.  The ONLY way it would make sense…the only way to accommodate predestination…is to come to the conclusion that God is filled with Hatred for Mankind.  He must hate us in order to create people just to send them to an everlasting punishment.  Surely He takes great joy in torture and pain.  He must surely be passionate to kill and passionate to hurt people and make them suffer…right?  This is complete nonsense!!!  IF that is the case, the Jesus and his death on the cross makes absolutely no sense.  What is he dying for?  What happened on the cross?  If people are predestined to be saved and not of their own will, then why would God punish himself for his own people?  Why would God cause Himself pain, just to have a relationship with no more than maybe a half a billion people?  Why not just make everybody perfect and pure from the get go, and not give them a choice to choose—oh wait, according to Calvin, we don’t have a choice, but if we don’t have a choice, why were we given one?  Is God the Father so sadistic that He would be a cutter? (Psychologically speaking, a cutter is someone who will cut themselves in order to bring a feeling of control in their lives, usually on their arms…a definite sickness)  Is God mentally Ill that He would be sadistic and so hateful?  Do we have moral superiority over God?  Surely that can’t be the case!
            Well, the good news and the only conclusion that is Biblically sound is that God is not a God of Hate.  Before I go any further, I would like to say that at this time, I am not going to site verse by verse, chapter-book-verse quoting.  It would take a great deal of time and work which I just don’t have right now.  If I started in June, I probably could do it next summer.  Perhaps I will.  However, I will go over some scripture and generalize.  I would like to write a full essay on this subject, but I just recently have been given another piece to work on which must take priority.  Let’s start:
Jesus didn’t teach a hate doctrine, at all.  There is no place in the gospel where this hate teaching exists.
In the OT, there are scriptures that use the word hate, and it portrays the hatred that God has for sin and the sinful acts of people.  However, He doesn’t deviate the “Love your Neighbor” doctrine at all.  IF there is something that says the opposite, then it must be taken into complete context.
The scriptures being used by the Westboro Baptist Church is completely out of context multiple times—here is an example = On their website, they talk about their picketing and here is how they justify their hateful picketing, “Religious opinion and Bible commentary on current events. WBC puts out hundreds of these per year, almost on a daily basis. Read about where and why we are planning to picket, plus more "rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Tim. 2:15.””  So, typically with all exclusionary churches and other denominations they pluck out scriptures to “Proof text” their agendas.  This little wording is in their press release.  They believe the condemning combative rhetoric they spew is handling the word of God righteously.  Well let’s look at 2 Timothy 2:14→end:  14Remind them of these things, and charge them before God not to quarrel about words, which does no good, but only ruins the hearers. 15Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth(Emphasis is mine…this is the scripture they are quoting but notice this next verse). 16But avoid irreverent babble, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness, 17and their talk will spread like gangrene. …. 19But God’s firm foundation stands, bearing this seal: "The Lord knows those who are his," and, "Let everyone who names the name of the Lord depart from iniquity." 20Now in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver but also of wood and clay, some for honorable use, some for dishonorable. 21Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work. 22So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart (again the emphasis is mine, but notice what is being said here, words like love and peace and pure heart—then look at these next verses). 23Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed quarrels. 24And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, 25correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth, 26and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will.”     SO, make no mistake, all the bold and italicizing is mine.  But this scripture completely debunks the way they act.  They deliberately seek hostility.  They have no gentleness.  They are completely unloving and filled with hatred and slander.  In fact, we are commanded in the next chapter to NOT be slanderous.  In all of the bible, that alone should be enough to show them their false doctrines.  However, one thing we need to look for is consistency.
The NT just doesn’t justify those signs and rallies they are having…at all.  It is such an outward sign of an inward sin.  Ones heart must be far from God, of whom it says in 1 John is love.  God is Love.  Period.  Hatred for our brother is murder.  The parable of the Good Samaritan defines the intent of all scripture.
Slandering other people is a huge sin, as much as murder and sodomy.  Sin is sin, and slandering people, telling widows that you are happy their husbands are dead is a denial of a direct order from Christ and a denial of true Christian religion.  It shows that that person has Zero understanding of who Christ is. 
Romans talks about the fact that we are judged by the same amount of Judgment we use against others, and since we are all sinners equally, we shouldn’t judge anybody.  Jesus taught from the Sermon on the Mount that those who show mercy will receive mercy, and those who don’t show mercy, will not receive any mercy.  This is a basic long forgotten Christian concept.  People ask me, “Are you saved?”  That is up to God first of all, and secondly, it takes way more than a simple prayer to be saved.  For example, there are a half a dozen things listed in the NT to be saved, not just one.  Making the decision if somebody is going to heaven is to decide your own fate.  Since we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, then we are all equally guilty of rebelling against God, worthy of punishment.  And truthfully, transgression against God usually equals transgression against each other.  Jesus says that “He who has not sinned should cast the first stone.”  Meaning, we have all done wrong, so don’t dish it out unless you want to get it back. 
Now, that being said, the scriptures they use about Homosexuals are accurate.  In fact, in order for a person to be sodomizing people on a regular basis, is when ones soul has been handed over to their own devices, and becoming a Christian at that point is near impossible.  God does hand people over to being Gay once they decide to become and practice homosexuality.  There is no doubt, and of course if you want those scriptures, let me know in the comments and I’d be glad to provide them.  However, just because someone is gay, doesn’t mean, that as God’s people, we should hate them.  Not at all.  In fact, Homosexuals are usually resentful of true Christians for sticking to the bible, and usually fall in the category of persecutors, of whom we are supposed to love.  We are supposed to love those who hate us and say all kinds of bad things about us.  It should be a TRUE Christian’s second nature and first response.  IF you are lead by the Holy Spirit, then these things are clear.  IF you have God’s Spirit in you, hating anybody should just not feel right. 
In all, I think that I could write a one hundred page book on why the Westboro Baptist Church, as presented itself doctrinally, the misuse of scripture, and its practice of hate speech, is not a church from God or of biblical standard.  Most of the church is Phelps family.  He has a huge family and they are all part of that church.  Phelps has raised them to believe this heresy practice of rallying at soldiers funerals.  Calling sodomites “Faggots” is hate speech.  The term, “Fag”, “Faggot(s)”, and other slanderous name calling is out of Jesus’ character.  The measuring rod is this, “Did Jesus call sodomites names like that?”  Answer is N-O no!

Monday, August 16, 2010

My New Bio

I am going to write several Bio's while writing my essay about both, the Westboro Baptist church and the essay for another project that as of write now (get it, "Write" now?)...I say again, as of right now, I have an assignment I am completely excited about. However, to reveal it at this point would perhaps damage some of my relationships with people of whom I care greatly. Nuff said! Here is Bio A:

Paul Allan Frederick
At this time in his life, Paul Allan is living a quiet life in a small country town in the eastern part of Kentucky (Appalachia) with his wife of soon to be 15 years and his 13 year old daughter, and 9 year old dog. They live a comfortable meager life, with his wife working as a bookkeeper, his daughter going into the 7th grade, his dog just getting a nicer yard to run in, and he is medically retired and going to school as often as possible. It's a good life. They are a family of strong faith in Christ, but not a strong faith in the American Churches. They live close to his in-laws who are good to his daughter, and his extended family remains in Arizona in various cities throughout the state. Paul Allan is a published poet, and is seeking to finally get a college degree (something he never would have dreamed of previously). Paul Allan writes and defends Christian Apologetics at times, and holds a writing office in Ashland, KY. His education has been holding most of his attention over the past four years and he is split between Art and English. His goal is to get an MFA in Poetry and write and draw graphic novels, poetry books, Christian Fiction and Non-fiction, and Christian Tracts focused on the American Churches debunking Christian Myth like the "Sinner's Prayer" concept and the damage Billy Graham has done to the moral fabric in this country.