Expression and Creativity is an essential Human Element and rite. Language is as old as humanity itself; moreover, all of Creation was established by language. The Written Word is our most sophisticated means of recording our own history, culture, and validation of our own ability to express and create. Moreover, the written word in some parts of humanity is also ART. Not only Cuneiform or Latin or Greek, but Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Mayan, Hebrew, and Asian Character writing is even more visually appealing. But even the most ancient of writing is a visual medium. Within that thought, we must also embrace art and expression through art. We must be wary of creating images of our Creator or images in which we worship. But expression is our right and responsibility. As a writer, artist, and mostly a poet, I embrace that right and privilege.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Artists Creed

Mission Statement
By Paul Allan Frederick
Panel One:
We Collaborators, we few, precious fiends of art, in whose minds there are pieces of wonder, and our passing whispers wisp over the heads of those who so unfortunately tried to comprehend, but instead they found their own failures as humans, recognizing that to live is to create!  And to Create is to live!  We few brother and sister artists, we collaborators, we champions fo the mind; it is our battle to fight.  To rise above the common man, in his years of attempt to squash and squelch our abilities.  We took their math classes and their English classes, we took their contempt of us; those who call themselves teachers, we took their disdain, but now, oh now it is our time.
Panel Two:
It is time of those who can bring oru country out of its deep depression.  What those unthinking Philistines with their polititians and their lawyers and money brokers, what damage did they do and leave us in the world of today, they have paid in full.  Their minds seared with greed, unable to create—UNABLE (with one hand pointing up!) AH!  Listen, quietly now, all b e quiet. Listen! That sound is the sound of brilliance waiting to happen.  That sound is open time and space, waiting for our skills, talents, our ability! …us mothers and fathers of art. IT AWAITS US!  Now hush, hush, hush.
It is our minds brewing what which is what this world needs!  It is brewing what those who lust for power and money can’t have—but if anybody has any extra, I’ll be glad to take it off you (said light heartedly to break the tension).  We brew, we collaborate, we feast, not just on salad, but on creativity!  We cannibals of each other’s talent!  We feast on the air, here in this studio, this school.  We fatten our minds as we spindle our talent with the learning of skills.
Panel Three:
Take heed my fellow Collaborators!!  Take heed indeed!  Ours, our talent, our skills, our craft, can be stolen to hold the masses at bay.  Our craft can be used to dumb down the sheep of this world. Yes, to dumb them down to not think, but simply obey.  Even now we see so many of our elk use media like TV.  Bad TV; that we watch day after day.  And bad cartoons for our children, day after day.  These devices are used to keep us at bay and to not know what life  has to offer.  They are used to keep the masses sluggish and cold.  It is to keep us filed with a witches brew of apathy whose magic steals away the value of human life.  We artists, we collaborators, we leaders if the mind…it is our time to collaborate…it is our time to emulate and speculate suspicion!
Panel Four:
We tortured few, we brave few, we band of brothers and sisters, side by side to fight to the last person to have the message of art be created, to be seen, to push open minds and bring these Phillistines to sophistication.  We fight to guide, to Sheppard the simple into a less narrow rail or a more confined road that leads Hannibal to victory.  We have planted see!  We have written laws.  But we are the makers of art!  My fellow Collaborators, it is art that will and has always, brought enlightenment to mankind!
Panel Five:
It is our calling to embrace, no embark on a journey. We are the ones that keep together the Avarious kingdoms and nations.  For ten thousand years we have told poems, made dances, beat drums, and drew on cave walls, to tell each other what our past held.  We have always had a special calling. Mankind, both the “She’s” and the “He’s” all have gained in their dimwitted low brow lives freedom form illiteracy and freedom from ignorance.  Finally my fellow Collaborators let nothing block your road, be brace, be awesome, and be magnificent!